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Dielectric Resonators

Trans-Tech manufactures millions of dielectric resonators (DRs) each year for commercial and military markets, at frequencies from below 850 MHz to above 32 GHz. DRs fill the need for compact, temperature-stable, high Qu-factor microwave resonating elements. They are well understood and documented in engineering literature, and are commonly used in dielectric resonator oscillators (DROs) and low-loss filters. In this catalog section, we refer to unmetallized ceramic cylinders, with or without an inner diameter, intended to operate in the TE01d mode, the most commonly used DR mode for filters and oscillators. The ceramic resonator is usually supported between a metal floor and a metal roof, sometimes (as in oscillators) with an intervening substrate attached to the metal floor. The support, when used, is a low-loss, low dielectric constant material that provides space between the DR and the metal floor. That space differs for filters and oscillators, and will be discussed later. There are usually metal sidewalls to complete a conducting boundary enclosing the DR. We call the enclosure a cavity. The cavity itself is not intended to be resonant without the ceramic DR. The important concept to grasp is that the resonant frequency of the TE01δ mode DR is dependent upon not just the ceramic, but also the cavity size and the mounting of the DR within the cavity. The same ceramic DR will give a different resonant frequency in a different cavity. The reason for this is that nearby conducting surfaces perturb the RF magnetic field of the TE01δ mode, and the closer the metal is to the DR, the higher the frequency will be. This is a totally different principle of operation than TEM (coaxial) resonators, where the RF fields are contained primarily within the metallized ceramic.


  • Cellular base station filters and combiners
  • PCS/PCN filters and combiners
  • Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) receivers
  • WiMAX filters; telematics
  • Motion detectors

Trans-Tech Dielectric Resonators include:

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