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Absorbers & Inductors

Trans-Tech Ferrite Materials can be used as either absorbers or inductors in the UHF and Microwave region.

Ferrite materials with 4pMs values of up to 5000 Gauss will absorb microwaves up to Y x 4pMs MHz, where Y is 2.8 MHz /Oe, i.e. up to 14 GHz. By combining lossy dielectric properties with magnetic losses, this absorption can be enhanced. These materials become absorptive at frequencies approaching their Snoek limit are useful as inductors or as high permeability substrates for VHF/UHF circuits and antennas. Some examples of spinel based Absorbers and Inductors from Trans-Tech's large range are given below. Hexagonal Ferrites have Snoek limits extending well into the microwave region, and therefore can be used as inductors or circuit elements into the low end of the microwave region. They can be used as absorbers at higher frequencies, into the millimetric region as the permeability and Q fall. Trans-Tech makes a range of hexagonal ferrites.

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High Frequency Absorbers and Inductors

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