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Magnetic Oxide Absorbers

For an incident electromagnetic wave, the surface of a conductor cannot support a transverse electric field ó the electric field is maximized at a quarter wave above the surface. Conversely, the maximum of the magnetic field occurs at the surface of a conductor. In order to be placed at the maximum field for utmost effectiveness, an absorber, which works on electrical properties such as silicone rubber loaded with carbon particles, must be at least a quarter-wavelength thick. Many commercially available magnetic absorbers create eddy currents in a magnetic conductor, such as iron. The eddy currents then act as the loss mechanism. Conductive materials can create unwanted reflections of EM waves. An absorber which works on magnetic principles can be much thinner, since the interaction is maximized at the surface.

  • The loss mechanism of Trans-Tech Advanced Materials hexagonal ferrites lies in the inherent loss factor of the materials at high frequencies ó the materials are non-conductive
  • By controlling chemistry and processing, the loss characteristics can be tailored to the customerís needs for a specific application
  • In many cases, dispersing magnetic absorber powders in a polymer matrix can tailor the dielectric constant and magnetic permeability, to tailor the characteristic impedance of the absorber to further minimize reflections

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Trans-Tech Magnetic Oxide Absorbers include: