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Quality / RoHS Information

RoHS Information

Trans-Tech and the Environment
As an industry leader, Trans-Tech is committed to the protection and preservation of the environment in all its business operations. We understand that our actions today can have environmental impacts tomorrow. We build products in consideration of regulatory and industry requirements, such as the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS), and offer Lead (Pb)-Free and Green Solutions to meet the needs of our customers in today’s environmentally-conscious market.

As new products are introduced and regulatory conditions change, Skyworks will update the information on this web page. Please check this site for updated information.

Identifying RoHS Compliant Parts

When applicable, Component (Filter & Coaxial Resonator) shipments will be identified with the lead-free symbol and have a “E” suffix, however, parts that do not have a tab are RoHS compliant, but will not be marked with an “E” suffix.

Certificate of Conformance

Part numbers will have an "E" Suffix.


Part numbers that will not have an “E” Suffix.


Certificate and Reflow Profiles